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  1. Oslo Dark Mango

    Oslo Dark Mango

    Introducing Oslo Dark Mango. After a successful launch, we thought we’d give a proper introduction to the newest member of our flagship Oslo Range. The Oslo range, with its classic Scandi design, of tapered slender legs, retro handles and minimal design has proved to be a firm favourite. With the introduction of the Honey Oslo […]

  2. If music be the food of love, play on...

    If music be the food of love, play on...

    We are experiencing a musical renaissance, a reset of our complete loyalty to digital media, and a yearning for more of an experience. Over the years music has become not only one of more personal preference, but one of seclusion, via our headphones. This over usage of headphones has not just allowed us to have […]

  3. Build your own Library

    Build your own Library

    As Cicero once said, a home without books, is a body without soul… and it’s true. Despite the incalculable trove of information at our fingertips thanks to the internet, or the countless hours of entertainment on our screen. There’s something decidedly real about a book, something comforting… a token of a memory. It’s no secret […]

  4. Introducing Acacia Wood

    Introducing Acacia Wood

    Originating in Australia and spawning over a thousand varieties across Africa, Asia and the Pacific Coast, Acacia wood is a truly beautiful hardwood. Notable is its reddish brown tones with dark veins running through, it creates a very striking, yet natural presence. Considering it’s one of the strongest and most resilient hardwoods found in common […]

  5. Using Wax for Furniture Repairs

    Furniture Wax Repairs Guide Sometimes we encounter small scratches or marks on our wooden furniture, and whilst this offers character to our pieces, it doesn’t mean we can’t often restore them easily to hide any undesirable imperfections. There are a variety of waxes in many shades, and they come in forms from soft, hard and […]
  6. The Modern Bureau

    The Modern Bureau

    Sometimes the status quo stops being enough, sometimes we need to reimagine what we see visually, to suit true functionality. Introducing the Modern Bureau. It’s easy to find ourselves stuck within a rigid set of rules when approaching furniture, as we try and stay within the parameters already set out for us. We forget that […]

  7. Get your Dining Room ready...

    Get your Dining Room ready...

    Often the most underutilised room in the house, the dining room often takes up far more square foot than is acceptable. We here at Casa Bella, think that needs to change. Often our earliest association with a dining room is those long Family dinners, like those big Christmas gatherings. Whilst they start off magical and […]

  8. The Scandicraft Trend

    The Scandicraft Trend

    Whilst so often committed to Hygge, it’s easy to forget that Scandinavian style is a veritable powerhouse of options. Ranging from the monochromatic to ones incorporating jewelled and pastel notes, Scandicraft is at the warmer end of Nordic styles. Whilst starting from a similar foundation to other Nordic styles, Scandicraft transcends them by adopting a […]

  9. Our Commitment to Supplying Sustainable Wood

    Our Commitment to Supplying Sustainable Wood

    At Casa Bella we are serious about our commitment to supplying sustainable wood furniture. This of course starts by ensuring that our wood is sourced in a responsible, ethical, and above all else, sustainable way. We recognise that in order for wood to be a sustainable material, we need to choose the right wood. For […]

  10. The Mediterranean Style

    The Mediterranean Style

    What is it about the Mediterranean Style that captivates us with it’s romance. Is it the language, the food, the people or the architecture, which captures our hearts. After a somewhat substandard summer, it’s only natural we look to capture some of the beauty of where we went on holiday. A way of holding on […]

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