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The dining table is one of the most important parts of any dining room and experience. Without it, there would be nothing to eat your meal from, so it's worth finding a high quality table that will last through any wear and tear from family life well. With different styles, designs, sizes and colours to choose from, you can find the best choice to match your dining chairs and existing decor.

Beyond meal times, these tables are also good to organise files and other work, arrange displays and other creative hobbies and keep things close to hand for when you need them. They are essential in the home for these and more reasons.

Our high quality tables offer excellent value to every customer, and we guarantee this quality because every piece of furniture we create is handmade and finished so that it can be checked throughout its production. Made with sustainably sourced wood to help the environment, Casa Bella Furniture is aiming to keep up with the demand in the current market without compromising the future.

As specialists in Sheesham and Mango wooden furniture, you can trust the quality, build and tone of every piece of furniture you order from us and that it has been checked regularly to avoid flaws and imperfections. You won't find better quality or value than with Casa Bella Furniture.