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The bedroom is a truly private place - it's your safe haven inside your home. While guests may see and spend time in other rooms, it's rare for your bedroom to be used by someone else and this should show not only in the decor and your belongings but in the furniture as well. The most obvious piece, the bed, is the most important and a good quality bed will improve your sleep massively, while dressers, cabinets and chests of drawers all make up the room.

Sourcing all of our wood from sustainable suppliers and ensuring every effort is made to replace all trees used, Casa Bella Furniture is committed to helping the environment while meeting the rising demand for top quality wooden furniture throughout the home.

Every piece of furniture from Casa Bella is made and finished by hand, giving it a unique feel and look for your home. No other piece is exactly the same so you know that it is something truly special to your home and this is important in a personal place such as the bedroom.

Wooden furniture is also very durable, especially our specialist ranges of Mango and Sheesham furniture, making it great for kids' rooms as it can handle a lifetime of wear and tear. No matter what you need or where it is for, we can help.