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  • Mango wood dining tables

    The following table showcases some of the mango wood dining table and chair sets on offer at Casa Bella. Continue reading → continue reading
  • Mango Wood FAQs

    Click on the links below to jump to the relevant section: What is mango wood? Where does mango wood come from? What colour is mango wood? What is Dakota mango? How do I clean mango wood? Is mango wood hard or soft? How durable is mango wood? Is mango wood sustainable?   1. What is mango wood? Mango wood is derived from the mango tree. This is the same tree that produces the sweet fleshy fruit known as ‘a mango’, characterised by skin that turns from... continue reading
  • How do I clean mango wood furniture: cleaning and caring guide

    Mango is a highly durable wood, but there are ways to ensure that your furniture lasts longer while also looking its best. Cleaning mango wood furniture Follow these tips to keep your mango wood furniture looking in tip-top condition: Cleaning product The best product to use when cleaning this type of furniture is warm, soapy water — making sure the soap is not strongly perfumed. Take care to wring out the majority of water, as excessive liquid can damage... continue reading
  • Mango furniture for the bedroom

    The beautiful, soft colours of mango wood furniture are perfect for use in the bedroom. The following tables show you some of the products available for your bedroom, while the FAQs below will answer commonly asked questions around bedroom furniture. Continue reading → continue reading
  • Mango wood colour guide

    The beauty of mango wood is the variety of colours and finishes that make each piece truly unique. From golden lights to rich darks, here’s a useful mango wood appearance guide. What colour is mango wood naturally? The natural colour of mango wood is light to golden brown. However, it is often beautifully discoloured due to ‘spalting’ — this is a natural process where wood changes colour due to fungus. It’s an effect that artisans often take... continue reading
  • Sustainably Sourced Wood: A major factor for furniture buyers

    The idea of responsibly sourced products is increasingly important to consumers. With wood used to make today’s furniture flown in from across the globe, more and more customers are insisting that effort be made to ensure the products have had as little impact as possible on both the environment and the communities living near the source. Here we discuss the increasing expectation that corporations will act responsibly, measures that have been taken to prevent illegally harvested timber... continue reading
  • Ideas for Living Rooms

    The living room is the focus of many people’s homes. It’s the room where you will spend most of your time – when you’re not asleep in the bedroom, that is. As such, it should be one of the most important rooms in your home when furnishing and decorating so that it’s exactly how you want it. You should consider the layout and focus of different objects and furniture as well as what you want to display there. We’ve got some ideas to help you make the living room a place you and any guests won’t ever want to leave. continue reading
  • Storage Ideas for the Home

    Having enough space in our homes is important and it’s not always easy – or possible – to find a bigger home at times, which is why we need to make the most of the space we have available. Our furniture plays a big part in this and storage space and options is just as important as anything else as we collect things that are important to us or that hold value in one way... continue reading
  • Why is Sustainable Forestry Important?

    Sustainability is important in many parts of our lives but it’s also a term that’s thrown around a lot and can lose value or meaning as a result. At Casa Bella Furniture, this is a theme that is very important to us and has a direct impact to you and the environment so we want to make sure that we’re doing our part to make sure everyone gets the best outcomes. This is just one of... continue reading
  • Caring for Wood Furniture

    At Casa Bella Furniture, we want you to get the most out of your wooden furniture and by looking after it properly, you can sure that it’s going to last for years and help you make some incredible memories with your family, friends or even some alone time. The best thing is, it’s really easy to do and it doesn’t take long. By caring for wood furniture properly and consistently, you won’t find yourself looking to... continue reading

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