Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Casa Bella is committed to being a responsible furniture retailer. By supplying furniture using only the finest, sustainably sourced materials, our products are built to stand the test of time.

Now, more than ever, we are all thinking more about preserving the planet that we live in. Ensuring that we have sustainable furniture in our home should be everyone’s priority.

The Use of Sustainable Solid Wood

Over 90% of the furniture ranges we supply are made from solid wood. Using solid wood timbers to produce furniture reduces the processing time, limiting the amount of energy consumed in the production process.

75% of our ranges are made from Mango Wood

Purchasing furniture made from Mango wood is particularly beneficial for ensuring the longevity of your choices. Mango Wood is a hardwood from mango trees – evergreen trees that grow in a number of countries including India, Myanmar, and the Caribbean. 

There are a number of benefits to mango wood, one of which being the sustainability of the natural material. Many types of hardwood trees take a long time to regenerate, which can be bad news from a sustainability standpoint. Mango trees are fast-growing and only take 15 years to reach maturity. As farmers plant new mango trees every 7 to 15 years, a sustainable plantation and harvest cycle is created.

Read more about mango wood.

Repairability and recyclability

Solid wood is easily repairable, so will last in your home for many years. Its recyclability is immense with its ability to be restored to a good as new quality with just a sand and application of a protective coat.

Our packaging contains only very few non-recyclable materials and we’re working hard to reduce this to zero.

Any furniture returned to us by customers that may have suffered damage in transit is repaired and re-sold in our clearance section. This ensures that no furniture goes to waste and always finds a home.

Conservation in the production process

During the design process of our furniture, we always look to identify areas of each design that might contain unnecessary wood, thereby reducing the amount of material used in the production process. The quantity of material used in creating each product directly correlates to its environmental impact.

We also endeavour to use all pieces of wood, including offcuts, to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum.

Our green promises

The Presevation of our forests

We are committed to using suppliers/factories that protect sustainable forest management and their local communities. Below are the governing bodies that ensure this.

FSC Certification

As the leader in sustainable forestry, FSC® is trusted by NGOs, businesses, and consumers worldwide to protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. 


FLEGT licences show that a country manages its forests in line with forest management and environment laws, as well as labour and community welfare legislation. They show that logging rights have been granted according to the law, and that timber is legally harvested.

Vriksh Certification

Prohibits the export of illegally harvested timber and products made from such timber and promotes environmentally responsible production, consumption and trade in wooden handicrafts products in India and abroad.


A non-profit foundation focused on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education.