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As the name implies, a bedside table is the perfect partner for your bed, and having one on each side can offer extra space or a separate area for each person sharing the bed. Also available in a number of styles and colours, you can choose one that matches your bed or stands out a little by introducing a range of tones and colours throughout the room. These pieces are designed to take up a minimal amount of space while offering maximum practicality and this makes them popular in other areas of the home too.

The name is slightly misleading, as most bedside tables are more like small cabinets or drawers due to their storage space options but they offer excellent access to anything and everything you may need while in bed. Casa Bella Furniture offers only the highest quality bedside tables to ensure every customer gets the best value for money. Every piece of furniture we make and sell is sourced from sustainable wood suppliers to help the environment recover and every piece is hand finished to give a truly unique piece of furniture perfect for your home.