Paperless brochures - Go green

Our eco friendly digital brochure has now arrived

We’re initiating the transition to a paperless approach for our brochures. As of today, you can conveniently view our Oslo Mango Collection brochure from any device – whether it’s your computer, tablet or phone. Simply click the button below to explore our Oslo Mango Collection brochure, featuring products from our Light, Honey and Dark ranges.

Thinking of the future

The design of sustainable furniture has long been at the core of our mission. However, we recognise the importance of extending our commitment to sustainability across all aspects of our brand.

In the UK, we use over 9.9 million tonnes of paper each year ( Many of us are guilty of turning that once empty drawer into a repository of outdated materials, from menus to flyers and catalogs. So, why not start now to cut down on waste and clutter by making the shift online.

What are your thoughts? Shall we make the move and shift all of our brochures online?

We value your opinions greatly. So if you have any other suggestions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch below. We’d love to hear from you!

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