Sustainable Furniture is at the Core of Casa Bella

Here at Casa Bella we are committed to being responsible as a sustainable furniture retailer. Not only in how we act with our customers, but also how we choose our suppliers.

Our Handmade Desk in our Showroom

By choosing only sustainably sourced materials, of the highest quality we ensure that not only do they become heirloom pieces, but also that we do as little to affect the longevity of the world we live in.

Now, more than ever it’s important to be responsible when it comes to materials we use, as with the rate we consume, things become very quickly finite resources.

Wine Storage made from sustainable mango wood
Dakota Light Mango Large Open Sideboard

It is because of this over 90% of the furniture we supply is made from solid wood, using solid wood timbers reduces the time, and thus energy consumption in manufacturing.

More than this, 75% of our wood is Mango Wood, a wood derived from a tree which takes no more than 15 years to reach maturity. Combined with farmers planting new trees every 7-15 years creating a truly sustainable hardwood, for sustainable furniture, without interrupting the lifecycle of trees, or taking generations to renew groves.

Oslo Light Mango Open Shelving Unit

Solid wood is fantastic when it comes to repairing or reworking, allowing for years of usage, or easy adaptation into new furniture. Just look at our reclaimed ranges to see how easy it is to use existing wood.

Mango Wood is easy to work with, and easy to rework into reclaimed pieces

Coupled with the fact that we use minimal, yet effective packaging, we ensure that as little waste as possible is created. All part of our mission to achieve as zero waste company. This is further proven by either using returns as clearance, or using them to rework or use in repairs. As to have sustainable furniture we need to ensure there are multiple avenues for products, Because all furniture deserves a home.

By Delivering our own Furniture we are always in control of how far our Furniture Travels.

Our minimalist approach to furniture design is not just founded in fashion, but in ensuring that all wood used is practical and necessary, ensuring that no wood is used purely for aesthetic reasons.

It’s easy to say how committed you are to conserving nature and being responsible, however we ensure that we are responsible in our partnerships, which is why we are proud to use suppliers or partner with certain organisations.

Combatting Illegal Logging through Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade

We use partners that have either FSC Certification or FLEGT licenses which ensure not only sustainable forestry, but that the people who work there are also looked after with proper legislation.

Forest Stewardship Council

We also look for those with Vriksh Certification, which prohibits the export of illegally harvested wood and timber and protects markets in India.

Preventing Illegal Logging, and the Trade of Illegal Timber

Trees4Trees is another organisation we look for in suppliers, a non profit which focussed on renewing and regenerating that which we take from nature, ensuring that the work we do is never in deficit with nature.

Sustainable Green Earth Foundation

So as you can see, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, not only ensuring a future proofed Market for us, but also to ensure that we continue to prevent any more damage to our planet.