Your Bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s your hibernation station. It's our Winter Nest, as it's the place you spend the most time in your home, even though you probably don’t appreciate that.

However it's important not to neglect the rest of our home, for it's not just our bedroom we hibernate in. Which despite being where we spend up to a third of our time, isn't the only place we retreat to in the colder months.

Imari Industrial Mango Bed Frame - From £459.99
Paired with a good throw, this solid bed provides the perfect base to layer your Winter Nest
Imari Industrial Mango Bed Frame - From £459.99

Hygge is exeptionally relevant this time of year. Even if we don't look to convert fully towards this style of living, we can learn a lot from its methods, and how to focus on comfort. Both of the body and soul.

A good old sort out is definitely important, even if you were incredibly competent in your Spring cleaning. It's time to relegate Summer things to storage, and keep everything focussed around winter warmth.

Shimla Light Mango Coffee Table With Drawer
 Shimla Light Mango Coffee Table With Drawer - £199.99

This is where being clever with our storage is especially important, it's not simply good enough to force cupboards shut, or bury things under our beds. We have to really make the best use of our space and sort things away in a future proofing manner.

Assemble your Winter Nest

It’s not always possible to use a chest, so a Tallboy is a great option. The increased height gives some geometric contrast to the room, whilst also ensuring that, despite choosing a smaller unit, you’re definitely not compromising on space.

Dakota Dark Mango Tallboy
Perfect tones for your nest
Dakota Dark Mango Tallboy - From £269.99

Of course, layering up with texture is important, but remember the rule about clutter, it's more important to get the balance right. Too much and the mess will prevent you from relaxing, too little and it'll be hard to get cosy. 

However, it must be said that surrounding yourself with blankets, candles and cushions will help anyone feel at ease.

Hygge Cane & Mango Small Sideboard
The Cane weaves imitate a safe netting reminiscent of a nest.
Hygge Cane & Mango Small Sideboard - £369.99

Remember, the real secret to Hygge is to keep the clutter to a minimum. Allowing your accessories to really set the tone. This room is a terminal, its the connecting flight from the real world, to recovery. The best way to make your body happy, is to build your bedroom the Danish way.

The only other thing to consider when creating your nest, is to lean into your tastes. Whilst their are many schools of thought out there, and people guiding you to particular styles. It's got to feel right for you, so you have to make sure that the Winter Nest you build, reflects that which makes you feel most at home.