1. From Mango Groves to Modern Homes: A Journey in Mango Wood Furniture

    From Mango Groves to Modern Homes: A Journey in Mango Wood Furniture

    Here at Casa Bella, we are all about creating distinctive interiors with timeless pieces. Recently, our team ventured on an exciting trip to India, where we traced the fascinating journey of one of our favourite materials: mango wood! We thought you might enjoy joining us on this adventure, from the lush mango groves to the […]

  2. Paperless brochures - Go green

    Paperless brochures - Go green

    Our eco friendly digital brochure has now arrived We’re initiating the transition to a paperless approach for our brochures. As of today, you can conveniently view our Oslo Mango Collection brochure from any device – whether it’s your computer, tablet or phone. Simply click the button below to explore our Oslo Mango Collection brochure, featuring […]

  3. New in, The Urban Mango Bed

    New in, The Urban Mango Bed

    Introducing the newest member of our Urban Mango Industrial Range, and our newest bed. The Urban Mango Bed, made entirely from solid mango wood, and available in both Double and Kingsize. This bed is definitely a feature piece for your bedroom. This handmade, distressed, rough sawn bed is perfect for those who want style, but […]

  4. Introducing Industrial Locker

    Introducing Industrial Locker

    Or should that be, Re-introducing? There’s been a resurgence of late, a pining for the classic looks of the near past. From the return of Vinyl, to brands like Ellesse and Juicy oddly reappearing. Even Avril Lavigne released a new album this year. Industrial Locker Tall Sideboard – Mustard – £199.99 This rediscovery of the […]

  5. New in, the Shimla Light Mango Range

    New in, the Shimla Light Mango Range

    New in, the Shimla Mango range is a marriage of timeless wooden grains, Scandinavian cuts, with hand crafted 3D hexagonal panelling. A contemporary statement turning any functional piece into a conversation piece. Shimla Light Mango Large Media Unit Taking inspiration from the honeycomb, this ordered, yet random work of nature definitely brings the outside world […]

  6. Casa Bella - A year in review

    What a year it’s been, a total rollercoaster you might say! However, here we are in the final stretch of 2021 and we thought we’d share with you a little about how things have changed here at Casa Bella over the last year. Earlier in the year we moved from Westbury to our new home […]

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