New in, the Shimla Mango range is a marriage of timeless wooden grains, Scandinavian cuts, with hand crafted 3D hexagonal panelling. A contemporary statement turning any functional piece into a conversation piece.


Shimla Light Mango Large Media Unit

Taking inspiration from the honeycomb, this ordered, yet random work of nature definitely brings the outside world into your home.


We’ve spoken before how Hygge can transform your house into a true home, however, this range is an elevation to another level of contemporary style.21A9B046-8A7E-489B-AB90-FCC3982643BB

Shimla Light Mango Large LP/Hi-Fi Unit

Shimmering like the scales on a fish the Shimla Mango sideboards and chests of draws offer a perfect example of Japandi into your home. Allowing a piece of furniture, normally considered to be bulky, to be sleek and inviting.


Shimla Light Mango 3-Drawer Chest

They also offer a perfect way to disguise a large chest in the room, with the focus resting on the decorative flair of the chest, not the imposing size.


The display units and bookcases are on display in their own right, with the subtlety of the scaling creating it’s own frame, and own subject.


Shimla Light Mango Tall Open Bookcase

Again, they truly are three dimensional, allowing the display unit to become a piece of art, not just the vessel containing your art.

Just like how the Shimla tv unit is a piece you have no qualms about sitting across in the evening, so much so that you won’t even mind if the tv is on or off, because the view is so appealing.


Shimla Light Mango Small TV Unit

Whether or not this fits your style, it’s truly a marvel of handiwork, and a beautiful range. Stand by for the Hygge Cane and Mango range, which is now available online.