At Casa Bella we are serious about our commitment to supplying sustainable wood furniture. This of course starts by ensuring that our wood is sourced in a responsible, ethical, and above all else, sustainable way.

sustainable wood furniture is about looking after the planet

We recognise that in order for wood to be a sustainable material, we need to choose the right wood. For although all wood is beautiful, not all wood can be so easily replaced.

Oslo Light Mango Tall Hi-Fi Unit
Oslo Light Mango Tall Hi-Fi Unit - £244.99

Three quarters of our ranges are made from Mango wood and this is no coincidence. Our love affair with this fantastic wood stems from its meeting many factors we look for when using a wood for furniture.

mango farm, quick growing mango trees for sustainable wood

Mango wood is a hardwood, the type of wood we look for to increase the longevity of our furniture. For if we look to be sustainable, we need our furniture to last a long time. Not only this, but we need to know that when we harvest a tree, that it has not only matured, but that we can also replace it within a healthy cycle.

Sustainability is at the Heart of what we do...

As it stands, Mango is one of the fastest growing Hardwood. Reaching maturity in only 15 years, and seeing as farmers plant new trees every 7 to 15 years, we gain a very sustainable, yet realistic cycle.

Minimalism is another aspect of increasing sustainability within our furniture. We let the natural beauty of the wood shine through, trusting in the grain, and the unique spalting to provide individuality. By reducing the amount of wood used, we can focus on reducing excess wood.

Sustainable wood, used in solid timbers for better manufacturing practices

This method means we avoid these trivial flourishes that don't aid in the purpose of the piece. In addition this allows us to truly capture the essence of Scandinavian and other minimalist styles. However it also ensures we are only using the absolute necessary amount of wood.

Dakota Light Mango 6 Seater Dining Set With Bench
Dakota Light Mango 6 Seater Dining Set With Bench - From £674.99

Not only do we control the amount of wood we use. We also look at how we actually use the wood in our furniture. By only using solid, whole timbers we reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing. Not only is solid timber far more durable and malleable than other options. It also removes so many processes which have a high energy consumption.

Sustainable wood - Mango farm
The Beauty of Mango

Furthermore, by reducing the processes between timber and finished article, we make it far easier to future proof our furniture for the ages. This is due to the ease of repairs and care, owing to fewer parts involved in each piece.

Our Partnerships in Sustainable Wood

It’s easy to say how committed you are to conserving nature and being responsible, however we ensure that we are responsible in our partnerships. Which is why we are proud to use suppliers or partner with certain organisations.

Combatting Illegal Logging through Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade

We use partners that have either FSC Certification or FLEGT licenses. These both ensure not only sustainable forestry, but that the people who work there are also looked after with proper legislation.

Forest Stewardship Council

We also look for those with Vriksh Certification, which prohibits the export of illegally harvested wood and timber and protects markets in India.

Preventing Illegal Logging, and the Trade of Illegal Timber

Trees4Trees is another organisation we look for in suppliers. A non profit which focussed on renewing and regenerating that which we take from nature. Ensuring that the work we do is never in deficit with nature.

Sustainable Green Earth Foundation

So as you can see, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Not only ensuring a future proofed Market for us, but also to ensure that we continue to prevent any more damage to our planet.