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  1. Oslo Dark Mango

    Oslo Dark Mango

    Introducing Oslo Dark Mango. After a successful launch, we thought we’d give a proper introduction to the newest member of our flagship Oslo Range. The Oslo range, with its classic Scandi design, of tapered slender legs, retro handles and minimal design has proved to be a firm favourite. With the introduction of the Honey Oslo […]

  2. Get your Dining Room ready...

    Get your Dining Room ready...

    Often the most underutilised room in the house, the dining room often takes up far more square foot than is acceptable. We here at Casa Bella, think that needs to change. Often our earliest association with a dining room is those long Family dinners, like those big Christmas gatherings. Whilst they start off magical and […]

  3. Our Commitment to Supplying Sustainable Wood

    Our Commitment to Supplying Sustainable Wood

    At Casa Bella we are serious about our commitment to supplying sustainable wood furniture. This of course starts by ensuring that our wood is sourced in a responsible, ethical, and above all else, sustainable way. We recognise that in order for wood to be a sustainable material, we need to choose the right wood. For […]

  4. Brass is Making a Comeback...

    Brass is Making a Comeback...

    If you hadn’t noticed, Brass is making a comeback into style. It’s definitely something to take note of. Just as many aspects of fashion from the 60’s to the 80’s are reentering pop culture from music to clothing. It’s just as apparent in the world of interior design. Once banished for fear of appearing gaudy, […]

  5. The Dakota Mango Range

    The Dakota Mango Range

    Dakota Light Mango Dakota Mango is our Flagship range, with its enduring popularity being no surprise. Our Dakota Mango Range effortlessly blends traditional elegance, with Contemporary style. The real beauty of Mango furniture, is not just in the complex grains, but also in the range of finishes available, truly making each piece unique and personal. […]

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